Bikeheart Motorcycle Tours in Spain 2012

Schedule of Guided Motorcycle Tours in Spain

motorcycle tours in  SpainMoorish Spain
18th April to 29th April 2012

Spain was ruled by the Moors for 800 years and on this tour we travel from the top to bottom of the country, over mountains and across plains, to reach Granada and the Alhambra citadel – one of the best examples of Islamic art and architecture in the world. The roads of Spain are very quiet and this tour gives a feeling of going back in time in more ways than one, not only to Spain’s Moorish past but also to a time before the roads of the UK were choked with traffic. More...

Along the Pilgrim Trail to the 'End of the World'
19th June to 29th June 2012

A blue lake, one of the many  points of interest on our tours through the PyreneesThis tour explores the distinctive landscapes and culture of north west Spain by following the ancient route known as the Camino de Santiago (Way of St James) over mountains and through gorges to Santiago de Compostela. From there we’ll continue on to the most westerly point of Spain (once thought to be the end of the world prior to the discovery of America) before riding back along the dramatic northern coast. More...

The Pyrenees Mountains
19th August to 29th August 2012

On this tour we travel the length of the Pyrenees mountains – the stunning natural border that divides Spain from France. Travelling from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and back again, this tour takes in the three countries of Spain, France and the tiny principality of Andorra so it's an excellent opportunity to experience a variety of cultures as well as landscapes. More...